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Programme Details

The programme has the following objectives :-

  • To train students in the scientifc and commercial applications of computers to meet the increasing demand for personnel in many organizations.
  • To give students the knowledge of the computer world, especially computer applications and skills in computer programming.
  • To give students the exposure to working experience by underdoing a four (4) months practical training in selected organizations.
  • To prepare students with sufficient knowledge in computer science to enable them to pursue studies at a higher level.

Entry Requirement


Passed SPM or its equivalent recognized by the Government of Malaysia with FIVE (5) credits including Bahasa Melayu.


  • Fulfill the UNIVERSITY GENERAL REQUIREMENTS with credits in the following subjects :-
  1. Mathematics
  2. Additional Mathematics / Programming Tools/ ICT
  3. Physics / Chemistry / Biology / Additional Science / Science
  4. a pass in English
  • Passed the Pre-Diploma in Science Programme (PD008) from UiTM
  • Passed the Certificate in Computer Programming from UiTM or Certificate in Information Technology from UiTM with a CGPA of at least 2.7 and ONE (1) year of working experience in any related fields.
  • a pass in English

Course Outline

Course Outline
Semester 1 Credit Hours
CSC119 Fundamentals of Computer Science 4
CSC125 Fundamental of Computer Problem Solving 4
MAT210 Discrete Mathematic 3
IMK102 Man & Manhaj of The Al-Mighty 2
BEL100 Preparatory English 3
HBU111 Co-curriculum I 1
Semester 2 Credit Hours
CSC159 Computer Organisation 4
CSC175 Object Oriented Programming I 4
MAT105 Fundamentals of Mathematics 3
ACC107 Accounting 3
IMK152 Islamic Society & State 2
BEL200 Mainstream English I 3
HBU121 Co-Curriculum II 1
Semester 3 Credit Hours
CSC218 Object-Oriented Programming II 3
CSC203 Operating System Concepts 3
MAT149 Calculus I 4
ECO101 Economics 3
IPK200 Philosophy and Ethics of Islamic Science 2
BEL250 Mainstream English II 3
Semester 4 Credit Hours
CSC253 Introduction to Interactive Multimedia 3
CSC258 Data Structures 3
ITS250 Introduction to Database Management System 4
MAT199 Calculus II 4
MGT160 Fundamentals of Management 3
Semester 5 Credit Hours
CSC305 Programming Paradigm 3
CSC349 Special Topics In Computer Science 2
ITS330 Information Systems Development 4
ITT300 Introduction to Data Communications and Networking 3
QMT161 Introduction to Statistics and Probability 4
 *Elective I 3
Semester 6 Credit Hours
CSC398 Practical Training 10
*Elective Courses Credit Hours
CSC315 Commercial Programming  
CSC316 Structured Programming  
CSC317 Internet Programming  
ITT250 Microprocessor  
ITT270 Digital Electronics  
ITT320 Introduction to Computer Security  
QMT201 Statistical Methods  
ETR300 Basic Entrepreneurship


Career Opportunities

The Diploma in Computer Science holders usually serve as Programmers, Web Designers, Networking & Mobile Computing Experts, System Engineers, Software Engineers and other related professions. These diploma holders can also pursue their studies to a higher level.

Opportunities for Further Studies

The Diploma in Computer Science holders can pursue their studies in

  1. Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Information Technology)
  2. Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Intelligent System)
  3. Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Business Computing)
  4. Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Data Communication & Networking)
  5. Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Information System Engineering)
  6. CS230 - Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons)
  7. CS231 - Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Netcentric Computing)
  8. CS233 - Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Multimedia Computing

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