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Programme Details

Insurance is a dynamic and exciting business. As the population ages and wealth grows, the demand for insurance professionals will increase dramatically. Jobs in insurance involve helping individuals and businesses manage risk to protect themselves from catastrophic losses and to anticipate potential risk problems. This programme is a three year programme designed to provide students with an understanding of business disciplines relevant to commerce and industry as well as broad-based insurance education.

Course Duration

3 years (Full-time)

Student Intake

Admission of student is twice a year :-

a)    Unit Pusat Universiti - June Intake
b)    Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) - November Intake
Entry Requirements

SPM/SPVM or its equivalent with credits in English, Mathematics and three (3) other subjects and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia.

Course Outline

Year 1 and Year 2

The first two years provide a foundation to various business related disciplines. Students are introduced to several foundation courses which comprise:

•    3 fundamental business courses: Management, Marketing and Finance,
•    3 economics courses: Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Malaysian Economics.
•    2 accounting courses: Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting
•    2 quantitative courses: Business Mathematics and Introduction to Statistics
•    1 legal course: Business Law
•    1 basic insurance course: Risk and Insurance

Students are also required to equip themselves with other knowledge and skills to further enhance their quality.

These include taking courses in:

•    Computers & Information Processing
•    Business communication
•    English and another foreign language
•    Islamic Studies
•    Co-curricular activities

Year 3

In the final year, students will continue to learn more specialized courses in insurance, which include Property & Pecuniary Insurance, Law of Insurance, Insurance of Transportation and Insurance of Liability. Other than these, students are also given the flexibility of selecting 2 other insurance and Islamic studies courses from a range of 7. Among them are Insurance Company Operation, Life Insurance Industry, Products and Application. Life Insurance Practices, Takaful Islam, Asas Ekonomi Islam, Pemikiran & Tamadun Ekonomi Islam and Perniagaan Islam. Students are also required to take another 3 compulsory business related courses: Human Resource Management, Information Technology in Business and Business Development.

Career Opportunities

Work in this area is not only personally rewarding, but can be financially rewarding as well. You will help clients understand their insurance needs, explain their options to them and hopefully help them purchase appropriate insurance policies. Job opportunities include supervisory and junior management position in insurance companies, insurance broking firms, insurance agencies, loss adjusting firms and financial institutions. In other business organizations, government bodies and public authorities, candidates have the opportunity to work in the risk management and insurance departments.

Opportunities for Further Studies

Holders of this diploma can proceed directly into the second year of the Bachelor of Business Administration Programme level at the Faculty of Business Management, UiTM. Graduates can also further their studies at any local or foreign universities.

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